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If we do not control the growth of vehicle, it not only consumption oil ,and also comsume human labor

    Vehicle growth it is not only petroleum using and also human health

    A "high energy consumption and high emissions" is none other than non-motorized vehicles

    The data shows that China's new "Eleventh Five-Year" planning period of 100 million tons of refining capacity, which all swallowed by 35 million new cars

    Studies suggest that vehicle emissions accounted for nearly 20 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions."Environmental Science" 2000 published paper "Status and Trends of China's urban areas, motor vehicle pollution" that "our air pollution in urban areas by the smoke pollution to vehicle exhaust pollution transformation", its conclusions have been Beijing 2011 and other places PM2 .5 bursting confirmed the status of data

     The speed of China's auto growth" has must be control

     Chinese car ownership is in the worlds second whatever how much oil is not enough

     10 years ago, China's WTO came the curtain of automobile consumption in just 10 years, car ownership in China has Overtaking day after the United States 285 million, ranking second in the world. National Economic and Social       Development Statistics Bulletin published by the National Bureau of Statistics show that as of the end of 2011 China's civil vehicle population reached 105.78 million, an increase of 16.4% over the previous year, with private car ownership 78.72 million, an increase of 20.4%, private car ownership the amount of 43.22 million, an increase of 25.5%

     The data shows that China's new "Eleventh Five-Year" planning period of 100 million tons of refining capacity, which all swallowed by 35 million new cars Increases with each year due to the car's oil consumption reached 30 million tons. If thousands of car ownership in China to reach U.S. levels, oil around the world are unaffordable

Eating the oil drain out of the "poison gas"

     A sharp increase in car ownership, followed by automobile exhaust started to become a major source of urban air pollution in many of. 2011 national emissions of pollutants released in 2010 vehicle 52.268 million tons, of which 40.804 million tons of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, 4.872 million tons in the first release of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in China, "China Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Report", the nitrogen oxides 5.994 million tons, 0.598 million tons of particulate matter

    Environmental Protection Ministry spokesman Tao detian pointed out that Chinese cities air showing soot and vehicle exhaust combined pollution characteristics. Ignited last year "PM2.5 dispute", it is a lot of motor vehicle emissions; urban air pollution exceeded the "culprit." Beijing vice mayor hongfeng in charge of environmental protection, said peak, Beijing PM2.5 constitutes about 22% or more motor vehicle emissions, and the EPA's preliminary studies show that motor vehicle emissions Shanghai accounted for 25% of the city's PM2.5 sources

   Governance policies still exploring ,we need to forward long-term effects

   The rapid growth in automobile policy is the high energy consumption, high emissions, traffic congestion, etc. have to face all kinds of problems, In recent years China had not stopped the car to test of governance

   Beijing has the introduction of new policies car policies of Car specification limits by the Government 2011. Statistics show that Beijing new policy at least 600,000 new cars blocking the road.

  The new travel tax law implemented from this year, the strong support of new energy vehicles and low-emission vehiclesNews shows that the new regulations will implement the Beijing sells new national standard has entered the approval of five stages, and came to the end of the Beijing change the number of gasoline also revealed information about the standard changes

   Although some policies are still argue now, such a car is difficult, hard selling cars, travel difficult, road congestion and other problems still exist, but China on the issue of governance caní»t be say no car moves, but in the long-term effect depends on continuous improvement

  Ordinary people to support low-carbon emission reduction can make cars more rational consumption

  For ordinary people, who although difficult to contribute on major policies, but who will be through self-efforts can contribute to energy saving

  First of all, without car is possible for some family. Control is to control the number of cars and an important means of vehicle emissions. According to a study of experts from Tsinghua University, China's car ownership limit is 150 million. From the statistics, we can see that the 2011 increase in private car ownership exceeds 25%, the majority of car sales are private purchase

  Secondly, the car we buy energy saving. Blind comparisons, of luxury irrational consumer behavior can only lead to conflict automotive and energy environment more acute, the streets of Europe to those nimble small-displacement cars and new energy vehicles truly tell us more rational consumption should be everyone's habits 

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