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China International Lubricating oil summit


  In support of government and industry, the energy sector as China's leading event organization and advisory agency, the named (Topco) will be held in China International Summit Lubricants (LOCS2014), the principal theme of lubricating oil, base oil and additives expand exchanges. Assembly is committed to providing the latest Chinese oil market trends and advanced techniques for the participants.

  China is one of the worlds largest and most active in the world oil market, with a wide range of end-market users. Oil industry also needs new standards policies, laws and regulations, in order to achieve standardization of development. Conference will combine the current hot topics involving the impact of the expansion of the oil refinery industry produces, including the quality upgrade, market development, brand building, base oil trading and pricing, and specifications and reconcile technology. The organizers also intend to provide an ideal place for a gathering with customers, information sharing and business exchanges for industry participants. With the base oil and lubricants industry, many key decision-makers, senior executives and traders in-depth and extensive exchanges, market participants believe that the new and eager to show their brand image of companies, is undoubtedly a potential to expand business exposure and excavation ideal platform for business.

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