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Canada take advantage of oil sands to exploit waste gas to produce algae oil extraction

"America World Refining Business Digest Weekly" reported the National Research Council of Canada will invest in the construction of algae biofuels production facility of $ 19 million, of which $ 9.5 million provided by the government, the Canadian natural resources company investment about $ 6.3 million, Pond Biofuels providing the remaining funds.

The project will be built in Canada Resources Company is located near rimrosesouth oil sands in northern Alberta. The device uses Pond Biofuels company's technology it produced carbon dioxide, water, and oil sands mining waste heat when Oil sands mining, this process to promote algae growth. Allegedly, the similarity of its algae oil products and the U.S. WTI crude nature, both as a diluent for mixing with the oil sands bitumen pipeline to improve their mobility in the process, and also sold to refineries processed into gasoline and diesel products. Waste biomass produced after extraction of oil and oil sands can be used as animal feed, fertilizer use natural ecological restoration.

Natural Resources Canada estimates that the project can be reduced by the annual Horizon oil sands and Primrose steam boiler 15% and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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