Department of Science and Research Industrialization

 Department of industrialization of scientific research achievement 

        This function department is an organization and management of scientific achievement center, its key target high-quality efficient service, carried out with international, modern and open to adapt to technological achievements, vibrant, lean and efficient management and technological achievements to promote the industrialization of work, to improve the management level of scientific and technological achievements, to strengthen industrial cooperation, promote personnel training, increase revenue and technological achievements, the center of science and technology to achieve goal



1. Scientific and technological achievements promotion, scientific and technological achievement s transformation, technology transfer

2. Scientific and technological achievements Statistics, sorting, identification, Scientific Research Awards

3. Research Award related

4. Scientific research layout

5. Independent intellectual property rights

6. Publicize National science and technology policy

7. Achievements, patents, thesis, books which has been completed organized outcomes acceptance identification, for scientific and technological achievements Registration declaration

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