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Chemical Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (Chemical Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, referred CFECC), founded in 1995, was approved by the Central Organization Committee established an independent legal entity career,was managed of China petroleum and Chemical industry federation

CFECC in the technical field of oil shale, coal, oil sands and other oil and gas system has received a number of invention patents, which made low-temperature catalytic hydrocarbon oil shale technology has begun to promote the industrialization, the first of the industrial production line has started construction. Canadian oil sands resource-rich production from light fuel oil and oil dry gas technology development has been successful, laboratory test results obtained by the relevant state departments to be recognized in Canada's approved the relevant state departments

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Chemical Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (Chemical Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, referred CFECC), founded in 1995, was approved by the Central Organization Committee established an independent legal entity career, currently managed by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. 
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